An instant,Chen Xiu was put into ice water like a piece of hot steel。


What passion is gone。
The bathroom door opens,Girl An Nan is going to come out naked,Chen Xiu forced his eyes to cover her with a towel。
“You are weird,Others can’t wait to get off quickly,You wrapped me up!”
“Hehe……You shouldn’t have that addiction,Ask people to come in clothes!”
Chen Xiu spit out in his heart:“Wear your sister,I’m not afraid of your illness,I can’t help it!”
“Suit up。”
The woman really thought Chen Xiu had a special hobby,Said while putting on clothes:“Need to add money,If you tear your clothes,Also buy a new one for me!”
Wait until she gets dressed,Chen Xiu directly took out the wallet he snatched from the checkered shirt,I didn’t see how much it was,I grabbed a hand and stuffed it in her hand,Even carried her out of the room。
The woman said in surprise:“I don’t accept wild,I don’t dare to give you more money!”
Chen Xiu grabbed another handful of money and stuffed it in her hand,Said:“No need to serve,Thank you!”
Chen Xiu closed the door directly,The woman counted An Nan Dun in her hand,Probably hundreds of millions,Can’t help thinking:“Is it a hina?”
“Looks like he is shy!”