I heard this,Zheng Minmin is very good.。If Gao Biyi is a person who needs to kill people,Will make her feel uncomfortable。


Gao Baoyi’s words,With deep life wisdom,Strong conversion leads to a different way,Deterrence and Huairou,Subtle balance,Well-used,Not becoming more than 100,000 soldiers horses in your hands,Murder,If。
Zheng Minmin suddenly felt,Become a play of this man,It seems that it is not an unacceptable thing.,Even very glory!This is a great life,More than those who don’t learn unpredictable,I don’t know how many times I don’t know.,Can be described as a cloud。
Ghost,She gently kissed Gao Baoyi.,Soon, the two people hug together in the sky.,Like to eat each other。
Just as Gao Bo Yi has been completely pushed,I plan to occupy Zheng Minmin here.,The courtyard knockout sound outside the door,There is also a dramatic cough。
Two people sort out good clothes,Zheng Minmin is carefully polished the lips on the Gao Baoyi face.,Then do the thief to sit on the place far away from him.,What is written in the lower head?。
“Leader,The generals of the solitary correspondence and the Han Yan Tiger have arrived in Fuyang City,I want to see the main bureau。I have already arranged them in the government.,Outside the yard。”
Yang Su’s voice。
“Um,I see,This goes to see them。”
Zhou Junying account under Tiger,Two people in He Ruoyu and He Ruodon,Face dignified watching the battle report sent by Yuwen,There is also a holy purpose,I want to hung my heart.。
The battle report is from Liang Shi Yan, Nancheng.,Said that Zhou Jun intends to build a pontoon of Central Shazhou to Nancheng,Try to block the Yellow River Road。Then,They were attacked by a group of fierce water jams.。
The other party’s boat drill is extremely skillfully,There is a set of water wars。And the survey is mostly a duck duck,The boat is also tied on the banks of the Yellow River.,I was fighting for a time.,Just built pontoon,Burned by the other side,Can’t do it!
Liang Shi Yan Xiang Yuwen,Qi Jun has fully controlled the Yellow River Road,And there is an unknown water army,Possibility of logging in in the South Shore of the Yellow River,Even if it is South City,Never be absolutely safe。
This makes Yu Wenzhen feel the crisis that is broken.!
Originally, he promised to give He Ruo Ruozun father three days.,Now it seems,Maybe he can’t wait for three days.!Wait for another,Qi Jun landed in Dongnong City,Camp,Blocked Zhou Jun returned to China!
Military heart floats,Yu Wenzhen feels that he is a small life.。
“Tonight,Leave the rest of the military grain,All use it all。With the parent,Fullness!if……What is unexpected?,You hurry。”
He Rukun said,It seems that it is not talking about,But just talk about eating。
“You can’t see it?,Qi Jun’s counterattack is coming,Today’s mysterious army,You didn’t seize a company?,There is a marching mark above,Gao Bo Yi has come,This is the first troops。”
He Ruo Timb said to the shoulders of Gao Ruoyu:“You don’t attack the city,Look at the city。Qi Jun’s counterattack,Clear。Let your father stand for you,You hurry back to save,Then take the residual horses,Go to Nancheng to find Liang Shi Yan。
Only in this way,In order to let Qi Jun’s attention attracted Luoyang,Let the high performance to send us a knife。”
Listening to the words of Rannun,He Ruoyu’s heart into the bottom of the valley。
NS1219chapter Dongfeng breaks(2)
“call out!”
A arrow shot into Zhou Jianjie who just boarded the city,He holds his hands with his hands.,The body is soft and planted downstairs,Become an annotation inside the bodies。
“retreat,Alternate cover。”
Qi Jun,Survey decisive,Abandonment,Let Zhou Jun first attacked。The goddess army has five thousand people in Tiger Guancheng,Such a small position in the city,Fundamental does not open。
more importantly,His,Dominate,Now the arrow is coming soon.,Killing Zhou Jun is also killing red eyes。At this time, I didn’t take the other party’s wolf.,Is it necessary for these princes to leave advanced“Reconnaissance”Regardless of,Unplug the waist and the other side is desperate?
Although the subject of daily training,The arrogance of the soldiers have a lot of drills.,But do this,Undoubtedly the length of the enemy,Self-judging。
and,Let the week are,Li Da, this mixed ball took him with him.“Change”NS。This is also a Gao Baoyi strategy,In addition to solvent,Don’t let any army stay more than three days in Tiger!
Time,Immediately change。Tired force,Turn back to the worship of the Shenyang suburbs。So it seems that Zhou Jun is in the siege.,Turban consumption。But in fact,It is Gao Baoyi to all walks of life.,Turning around the week with He Ruo。
I am equipped with them by Qi Jun.,Don’t be too miserable。
This is also why he has to attack the tiger’s concession every every feeling.,I will encounter the Qi army of the dragon.。
Then touch a nose ash。
Zhou Zhi with a man with a head,He Rukun is still based on the head of the city.,There is a walk in the city building immediately.。
Steps this kind of thing,To play to use,But it is more,Narrow place in the city building,It is not open at all。