Lu Haocheng is a bit of grievance,Blue-blue mother’s heart is important than anyone。


NS1050chapter:I will go to Blue Xin to apologize.
I even surpass him this son,But he is not awkward,Anyway, he also loves blue blue.。
Blue Xinyi smiled helpless:“It’s really no way to take you.,But I am hungry.。”And she is a bit tired。Long time serious work,Put out,She is very tired。
Lu Haoheng lifts the watch,Looked at a time,“Blue,almost done,I will send it for a while.。”
Lu Hao Cheng took out the phone,Take a few Selfie for the two,Smile preservation photo,I sent a photo towards him a few friends.,After the dog’s grain,Talents are satisfied with the phone。
Blue Xin looked at him and very happy with himself.,She is also very happy。
Probably5Minute,Doorbell rang,immediately,There are several waiters to push the dining car.,Put the exquisite dishes in the table,Then silently retreat。
Lu Haocheng is only holding Blue Xin。
Blue Xin looked at the lobster feast of snacks,Laugh,Do he always remember what you like??
Last time she has eaten the lobster here,All kinds of culinary master carefully,Every dish is delicious。
Especially a net shrimp,She also likes it very much.。
“Come,Our blue-blue favorite lobster feast。”Lu Hao Cheng has a bowl of fish soup in front of her.。
“Blue,Drink some soup first。”
“it is good!”Blue Xin laughs,“If you see such a feast,Be sure to be very happy。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Unhappy,I looked at her.。
“Blue,You can only miss me.。”He looked at her face。
Blue Xin just laughing,Not talking,The bottom is a touch of emotions,Since she married Lu Haozheng,She obviously felt the distance between her and 熙。
She also knows her heart.,This is the Xi Xi,it’s the best。
She is just very much missing the time that two people eat lobster together.。
Le Character!
Le Yi Xi always works very late。
Blue Xin married,He is no longer as before.,I am looking forward to get off work every day.。
He now,Is looking forward to overtime every day,Don’t work overtime,He will not go home early.。
Le Zhenxi, long figure,Elegant pace,Head of his expensive handmade shirt,With dark straight trousers,Every one in one fell swoop,The prince who came out in the fairy tale。
He is going to turn to the garage,It was suddenly appeared by a woman.,Block the way。
Le Zhenxi,色 倏 倏 沉:“How are you here?。”The hoarse voice is full of anger and ruthless。
Wen Qi looked at the man in front of him,He is born with him with a golden key,Hard hard work,Bringing huge success for yourself。
Compared to four years ago,This man is really growing up.,Now he is full of stability and wise。
Elegant precious, money shaped,Fundamental can’t afford time,Only the noble and wisdom of the heart really emitted is true elegance.。
he,More charming than four years ago。
“how?You are afraid that I am here because what?”Wen Qi,I have been here for many days.,She has always endured,No coming to him。
I have been in the dark look at him.,He always overtime,I will come down at this time.。
She remembers him before.,I can’t wait to go to Blue Xin’s residence.,Helping Blue Xin to take children,I hate your blue heart,Now Lan Xin married,He waited for eight years.,Finally, I will make a wedding dress for others.。
He never overtakes him,Now I am working overtime.。
People don’t change,But who changed。
Le Zhenxi looked at her eyes,Darkness than any time,Even with a sinister。
“I……Don’t want to see you again。”The sound is cold and chestnut,Even the soul of the pendant makes people cool behind。
Le Zhenxi passes her,Have to go。