Autumn is good porridge, come to a bowl of Chaoshan porridge to survive the autumn!


Autumn is good “porridge”, come to a bowl of Chaoshan porridge to survive the autumn!

Porridge, everyone is familiar with it.

When you have a fever and a loss of appetite, come to a bowl of warm porridge and drink slowly. The stomach will be comfortable.

Rice and water blend, that is, porridge is also moisturizing, is the intimate blend of rice and water.

In the Qing Dynasty, the talented son Yuan Mei was in the median of “The Garden Food List”: “See the water, not the rice, not the porridge. See the rice, see the water, not the porridge.”

The rice water will be fused, the grain will bloom, and it will be as soft as one, and then it will be called porridge.

“Drinking porridge in the morning, the love of Chaoshan people, people in many parts of China will drink porridge, but perhaps only Chaoshan people branded porridge in the bones.”

Chaoshan people love to drink porridge, and they can’t have porridge in their daily life.

Different from the paste of Guangzhou porridge, Chaoshan porridge is thick and not bad, the rice is distinct, chewy, and rich in rice.

There is a kind of small sea fish in the Chaoshan area. The meat is delicate, with its own salty taste. There is no small fishbone. It picks up a chopsticks and fish, puts it on the soy sauce, and puts it in your mouth. Then you drink a white porridge that is still hot, and the stomach is warm.Comfortable.

Especially after getting up in the morning, come to such a bowl of porridge, accompanied by such a dish of small dishes, the taste can be really wonderful.

Sweet potato porridge, sweet but not greasy In the age of material deficiency, people add sweet potato to the white rice porridge to fill the number, it becomes a sweet potato porridge, also known as sweet potato.

Nowadays, the standard of living has improved, and people no longer have to worry about food and clothing. However, every household in Chaoshan will still drink sweet potato porridge.

After cutting the skin of the sweet potato, cut it into a thin wire with a vegetable cutter and cook the rice and rice together.

In the process of slow mixing, the rice soup is blended with the sweet potato flavor, sweet but not greasy.

When you have breakfast or a night snack, cook a little bit of sweet potato porridge, accompanied by a refreshing tidal pickle, your stomach is full, and your heart is empty.

Chaoshan casserole porridge, the classic of porridge is now the most familiar to everyone is the Chaoshan casserole porridge.

In the past, Chaoshan people lived on the sea and brought rice and other ingredients when they went out to sea.

When fishing at the sea, the caught seafood is thrown into the uncooked porridge, and boiled into a tidal casserole.

Scalloped shrimp porridge is the most classic tidal casserole porridge.

Wash the rice, soak it in water for half an hour, drain and put some peanut oil and rice together and mix well, because the raw rice is easier to cook after mixing with oil, and it is not easy to stick to the pan.

Add the rice to the casserole, add water (the ratio of rice to water is about 1:8), cook on high heat, and stir constantly when cooking. The rice is clear and not easy to stick.

Wait until the rice bran to flowering, when bubbling, add fresh shrimp, pork, ginger, boil, add salt, add winter vegetables, celery, glutinous rice, pepper, etc.
In the autumn rainy weather, the rain outside the window is pattering, holding a bowl of scallops and shrimp porridge, enjoying the rich taste of rice, scallops, shrimp and other ingredients, and then drinking a thick rice soup, slowly enjoying it.Warmth.

The sweetness and warmth revealed in the porridge, the light and long taste of the porridge, I do not know how to soothe the hearts of the Chaoshan people in the autumn.

PS: It is very important to drink hot water in Chinese health education, because cold water is cold, infants, old people and women should not be placed.

However, if the mineral content in the water is high, the solid impurities condensed after heating are also harmful to the body, which is why foreigners like to drink cold water.

As a kind of natural soft water with low sodium and light mine, Qianmushan Spring does not produce harmful substances when heated and cooked, which is more suitable for Chinese people to place.

As a versatile versatile low-sodium water, “Qianmushanquan” is able to achieve the mellowness of ordinary tap water due to its extremely high precipitation rate, whether it is tea or soup.

Good ingredients are served with water.

Both are worthy of a good quality spring to carry its deep taste.