False health is worse than no health, these health methods destroy health


False health is worse than no health, these health methods destroy health

False health is worse than no health. These kinds of health methods destroy healthy and healthy private health. Today, the era of comprehensive well-off is coming, and the health quality of the people is getting higher and higher.

From the “empty nest elderly” after the 90s to the true middle-aged and elderly people, they all attach great importance to health.

However, it must be reminded that the general population should learn to distinguish various methods on the network so as to avoid erroneous health damage.

Every day, a lot of magazines or beauty programs are taught to brush one hundred hairs a day to achieve the hairdressing effect, but excessively combing the hair will stimulate the sebaceous glands on the scalp, especially those with oily hair, and it is better to comb the hair.

If it is a long hair with dry hair, it is more suitable for multiple hair combs.

However, it is best to use a comb made of natural bristles, which is less likely to hurt the scalp.

Into the blind blind cream, the local folks have the traditional habit of winter tonic cream.

However, the cream is a traditional Chinese medicine preparation specially prepared by Chinese medicine experts for each person’s symptoms and characteristics.

Many creams are not suitable for a family.

In addition, ginseng, salvia, velvet, etc. If the medicine is not symptomatic or over-compensated, it is easy to counterproductive.

Long-term drinking with Chinese medicine is “a three-point drug”, not for Western medicine, but for all drugs.

As long as it is a medicine, it should be the right medicine, there is no approximation of medicines, no substitution.

Whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it is not recommended that you use your medicine indiscriminately and eat it for a long time to prevent liver damage.

Insulation cups and teas. If the tea leaves are soaked in the thermos cup, it is easy to damage the vitamins in the tea leaves, so that the residual acid, theophylline and other ingredients are exuded.

In addition, some of the ingredients in the tea react chemically with the metal coating and are harmful to the human body for a long time.

In addition, the tea that is soaked in the thermos cup may also exceed the standard.

Naturally, the best ones say that since it is a three-point drug, I will eat pure natural food/health products.

But it should be clear two points: it is right to eat less processed foods, but pure natural is not necessarily the best. Natural aloe vera can cause diarrhea. The processed daylily may poison the human stomach; as long as the chemical structure is the same, the drug standardThe effects of vitamins, calcium tablets, etc. are not worse than health care products.

Whether you are a Chinese medicine practitioner or a Western doctor, you can deny the term “stool”.

Blindly eating some medicines that promote bowel movements may cause problems such as diarrhea, and even develop alternatives, making it difficult to defecate spontaneously.

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