2015 AFC Champions League Group F-R&F 0-5 defeated Buriram again to create a record of shame_1


2015 AFC Champions League Group F-R & F 0-5 defeated Buriram again to create a record of shame
At 18:15 on May 6, Beijing time, the final round of the 2015 AFC Champions League Group F began a battle. The Guangzhou R&F team that has been out of the game defeated Thailand’s Buri Nanlian 0-5 away, creating a continuous record of shame.In the first half, Diogo scored twice, Tunes broke the net, and Diogo and Massena scored another goal in the second half.  After the first 5 rounds, R&F, which only accumulated 4 points, has already withdrawn from the competition for qualifying ahead of schedule.From the perspective of getting out early, R&F and Buri Nanlian are already training opportunities.But this battle still has a great significance for R&F: the 0-5 home defeat in the last round by Gamba Osaka not only cast a huge shadow on R&F, but also seemed to be the gloomy summary of the first AFC tour;The team’s positive performance in the final battle is expected to directly improve the overall impression of the AFC Champions League tour.In the second round of the group stage, R&F lost to Buri South United 1-2 at home, which was also the turning point of the AFC Champions League tour.Goalkeeper Zhang Shichang attacked    Guangzhou R&F captain Zhang Yaokun was sent off in the game and suspended this round.Teammates Jiang Zhipeng and Chang Feiya were unable to play due to accumulated yellow cards, and R&F took turns to play off the bench.In the 6th minute, Lu Lin made a shot from the inside of his right foot on the left corner of the penalty area, hitting a strong arc and hanging towards the back corner of the goal. The ball hit the angle between the far end post and the beam and bounced back into the field.After 1 minute, Zhang Yuan actively scrambled to grab a chance and hit the goal post to get out of the baseline.In the 10th minute, Lu Lin and Zhu Jin shoved each other during the fight, and the referee shouted a verbal warning over him.  Buriram United scored the first time it shot-in the 14th minute Massena left the ball from the left to get rid of the defense, a 45-degree diagonal pass to the restricted area, Diogo flexibly moved away from Jin Yangyang and Yuyang back to the penalty kickNear the point, direct volley push into the net, 0-1, Diogo also celebrated with a cradle dance after the goal.  In the 16th minute, Zhang Shuo shot into the penalty area and was shot by the opponent’s goalkeeper.In the 27th minute, Lu Lin missed the ball outside the penalty area and missed the far post.In the 35th minute, Buri South United’s right corner took the chance to create a scuffle. Gao Seji made a long-range shot outside the penalty area and Zhang Shichang saved the bottom line.The home team took advantage of this corner kick opportunity to expand the score-Nu Nuen opened the right corner, Tunes jumped high and pressed Jin Yangyang header to the net, 0-2.R&F crashed and lost the ball-in the 40th minute, Buri South United attacked the left side of the attack and passed the ball to the penalty area. Yu Yang, who was in the middle of the clearance, did not touch it. Diogo scored and scored before the Jinyang Yang blocked. 0-3.  After changing sides in the second half, R&F made adjustments, and Michelle came on for Park Zhongyou.In the 47th minute, Diogo turned and fired outside the penalty area, and Zhang Shichang steadily saved the ball.In the 50th minute, Buri South United crossed the right from the frontcourt, and Alonshawa volleyed and flew.After 1 minute, Buri Nanlian recreated the killing opportunity. Diogo stopped the ball before Jin Yangyang waiting for the ball.Kick out.  In the 56th minute, Diogo staged a hat trick-Diogo took the ball outside the penalty area and burst into the penalty area. After a fake shake off Jin Yangyang’s defense, his left foot volleyed. Although Zhang Shichang touched the ball, the ball still flew into the net, 0-4!R & F completely collapsed. In the 60th minute, Buri South United passed a long pass in the backcourt. Massena took the ball and singled Jin Yangyang, went to the outside and took a right foot kick from the right side of the penalty area. The ball hit Jin Yangyang’s outstretched legRefraction into the network, 0-5!  In the 75th minute, Zhang Shuo raised his foot too high during the fight and was warned by a yellow card. Then Buriram made a threat from the free kick on the right side, and Tunes headed the ball to hit the goal.In the 88th minute, Massena burst into the penalty area and shook past the defender. His left foot shot flawed, almost widening the score.In the end, Guangzhou R&F defeated Buri Nanlian 0-5 away. In the first AFC Tour, the group stage won 1 game, 1 draw and 4 losses, scoring 3 goals and losing 13 goals.Goal information-   In the 14th minute, Diogo took Massena’s cross to throw away Jin Yangyang and Yu Yang to break the goal.  In the 36th minute Tunes cornered Jin Yangyang’s header with a corner kick to break the net.  In the 40th minute, Diogo rushed into the net and scored twice before Jin Yangyang blocked it.  In the 56th minute Diogo shook Jin Yangyang and volleyed.  In the 60th minute, Massena made a forcible shot.黄牌信息——  广州富力:金洋洋(41’)张烁(75’)双方首发及换人——  武里南联:(4-4-2)1-西瓦拉-特松嫩;2-汶马探、5-安德烈斯-图涅斯、14-滕格朗、16-南威社;7-高瑟基、8-努暖(65’10-凯夫普罗姆)、17-朱金、21-迪普龙;22-马塞纳、40-迪奥戈(43’19-罗姆萨瓦)  广州富力:(4-5-1)12-张世昌;14-李健华、4-金洋洋、3-于洋、44-张晨龙;23-卢琳(60’13-叶楚贵)、8-朴钟佑(46’10-米歇尔)、16-冯卓毅、18-张远(65’30-付云龙), 35- Min Junlin; 29- Zhang Shuo (Tai Xiaopeng)