After a long time,Silent again,Li Tianchou counted the time silently,At least three minutes,In the end even the sound of the owl was gone,He immediately realized that a large animal had disturbed the place where the nightingale inhabited,Whether intentionally or not,The intruder has approached the range of the valley,Or five hundred meters,Or only 300 meters。


of course,The trespasser may also be a person,But in the middle of the night,Who would choose this kind of time to run to this wilderness?There was a light tremor suddenly not far ahead,Very subtle,Mixed in the night wind is extremely difficult to distinguish,Like the bounce sound of the branches being bent,It’s like the surface vegetation or rotted leaves are slowly crushed by heavy objects.*。
But Li Tianchou still has time to further distinguish,The sound of breaking the sky suddenly rises,Very strong、A terrifying murderous opportunity is coming,Piercing deep in consciousness,His eyebrows hurt like a needle,The whole body’s hair roots stand up,The body is completely relying on instinct to dodge to the side。
All the nerves in Li Tianzhen、The instantaneous burst of energy from the muscles only shifted his body position by less than two inches,But just this little distance,But let him avoid the fatal blow,The powerful crossbow arrows slashed through the flesh on his collarbone,He sank into the mud behind him with a puff。
Such a powerful force,Li Tianzhen can determine that the opponent is using military standard almost without thinking.*,And it is likely to have night vision aiming,Effective killing distance exceeds 300 meters,In the wild and in the jungle,Is an extremely sharp murder weapon。
Can not tolerate the identity of the attacker,Li Tianzhen rolled several times and hid behind a rock,I temporarily grabbed a thick wooden stick in my hand,A section of metal pipe is embedded in the front section,Crooked section、Extremely sharp,He intercepted it from the front bumper of the collapsed car,Is the only self-defense weapon。
Although most of the perception ability has been lost,But Li Tianzhen still quickly distinguished the breath of those who came,There are as many as five people!And it’s spreading out,Fan-shaped,Less than 100 meters away,And the farthest one did not exceed 150 meters。
From lurking、Get close、Judgment of formation and position,The opponent is obviously a very professional hunting combination,And Li Tianzhen guessed,just now*But one of the weapons,These five people should have their own strengths,And good at cooperating。
Field operations,If it’s in full physical energy,,Li Tianzhen is not afraid,But it’s going to die now,Although his physical strength and perception are recovering a little bit,But the speed is obviously not enough,Not enough to support a few powerful abilities,Perhaps the most practical‘Phantom kill’Can barely start once,of course,This is the only way to save life right now。
This is an extremely terrifying unarmed kill ability,The reason why Li Tianzhen also included it as an ability,Because the attack is too fast,Too unbelievable,Use the word spike,Not enough to describe its terrible,It can’t be done through normal training。
Close range,Especially within ten meters,Once attacked,The opponent can hardly react and judge,Lucky,Maybe you can still see some afterimages drawn from the attack,But no one can escape the ensuing kills with the changes in this millisecond。
This ability does not appear out of thin air,It’s the strangest one of Li Tianzhen’s chances,Plus acquired feelings,But he never thought,‘Phantom kill’’S training will be of great help to several other abilities。
Two years ago,The first day that Li Tianzhen entered the Purple Garden of Liuyun Guan,Those visions that I saw when I met Qiyuan on Dashitai,The plethora of old things that have emerged,Like a mountain torrent, poured into the mind and depth of consciousness,It’s a pity that many events are fragmented,Incoherence and splicing,Some words,Some just leave a silhouette,Completely incomprehensible。
But one thing is weird,In Li Tianzhen’s mind,That is a very coherent set of pictures,Although the painting is rough,But basically told the whole story。The first painting,A big man with a beard stands at the gate of Liuyunguan Mountain,Opposite him is the tall old man with long beard。
Second picture,The two entered the gate one after the other,Old-fashioned,The beholder is behind;Third picture,The two are outside the hall,The old man with long beard bows down and worships the statue of San Qing,The big man with beard stands proudly behind him。
Fourth picture,The two stood opposite each other in the courtyard outside the hall,The style of this painting is very strange,The expressions of the two are very vivid in a few strokes,That’s a look of anger,The big man with beard is in profile,There is a thin line on the right hand,Like holding a wooden stick,Like a short knife,And the old way is completely positive,But full of anger、Beard and hair,A posture ready to fight hard。
The fifth and last one,It’s exactly the same as the fourth painting,wrong,There is a slight difference,There is a thin line on the old-fashioned neck,Not observe carefully,Not obvious,And the right hand of the horned guest is still drooping,I still hold that thread-like thing in my hand,The difference is the end of the line,One more black spot。
At first,Li Tianzheng pondered for a long time but didn’t understand what was going on,Understand directly from the picture,A visitor from Qiu Xu came to Liuyun Temple to find an old Taoist priest,The two were discussing things in the open space in front of the hall,Can also be understood as preaching,Maybe it’s not speculation,The horned beard angered each other,Almost like this,But if it’s just that,This story seems incomplete。
later,Li Tianchou always remembers the fifth picture unconsciously,Especially the thin line on the neck of the old man,By no means a repetition of the fourth painting,Not a typo,That is a very neat knife mark,Quite vivid and terrifying。