When Hu Huiru stands up,Such a strong and domineering woman is blushing。She struggled out of Wang Youcai’s embrace,So angry:“Bastard,I allocated you so much money,Can’t even repair half of the road,What did you do with the money??”


Wang Youcai didn’t expect Hu Huiru to thank him.,Instead he gave him a meal。He thinks he was superfluous just now,Should not reach out,Let this woman taste the taste of falling to the ground。It’s better to smash her ass in half。
Hu Huiru, who was frightened, was a good student this time,Not only did she slow down,And walk carefully。Almost every step,She must look at her feet。
“Wang Youcai!Do you have ear problems,I just asked you something,why do not you answer me?”
Hu Huiru who is relieved,Still a little reluctant。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“President Hu!I don’t want to repair this section。I read,But all the saplings who come to the field are big trucks,Even if I harden this road with cement,Can’t bear the squeeze of this big truck,Within three or five days,It’s still broken。So only this,Can’t go,Send someone to fix it”
Hu Huiru heard what Wang Youcai said,She suddenly felt that Wang Youcai was right,It’s because she is a little bit stubborn。
Hu Huiru who found herself wrong,Immediately smiled and said:“It seems you are still a bit responsible。I’ll get to your office later,Let’s talk together”
“Good boss!Then you be careful”
Wang Youcai wants to talk to Hu Huiru,He is still very worried。
Stepped onto the ridge,Hu Huiru stood on the edge of the ground and didn’t walk in,But set up the pergola with one hand,Looking far away at the workers working in the distance。
Tian Wa and Liu Changgui saw that the real big boss was coming,These two people came over wisely and greeted Hu Huiru,So they went back to busy。
Hu Huiru watched for a while,She couldn’t help taking a breath and said:“Wang Youcai!Here we have to work harder,Otherwise, it would be a bit troublesome to keep it”Wang Youcai was anxious when he heard it。
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Wang Youcai heard what Hu Huiru said,I feel a little nervous。He laughed and said:“President Hu!You are not scaring me!Our Dongsheng Group is so big,It’s impossible to protect such a small project, right?!”
“If you want to keep it, you have to speak with grades。You know,Almost all of our projects in Pingdu were transferred to Xia Jian。Only this project can stay for now,Do you know why?”
When Hu Hui said this,,Looks very heavy。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“How can I not know?Here is what you see developed,Like my own child”