I looked around but didn’t see Bai Ai appear,Chen Mo also shook their heads,Did not see Bai Bai。
Shouted,But I still don’t see Bai Ai show up,Heart sink,Feel something wrong,Thunder Wing appeared behind him,Fly to the sky,A few big trees fell on the ground in the distance,It looks like a battle scene!
Fuming directly landed and looked at the dean and said:“Dean,Except for polar pangolins and ice wolves,What kind of monster did you put?”
“There is also a four-level peak beast‘Dark Python’”
Fuming’s pupils shrank slightly and said:“Bai Ai is gone,The forest on the left has traces of soybeans,The silhouette of the fight should be the dark python!”
The dean also realized that something was wrong,Ice wings appeared behind him,The whole body breath spreads,After three breaths, the dean said:“follow me!”
Fuming followed the dean and flew away。
Behind Bai Ai’s wind wings flap violently,Constantly avoiding the dark python’s attack,Constant wind sword in hand keeps attacking,But the damage it can cause to the dark python is minimal!
The ice mist has been shrouded just now,Bai Ai was directly attacked by the dark python secretly,I still feel hot and painful behind me,A little pale。
“Combat skills-Wind without phase-Profit!”