Cao Jianming: Seize the "key minority" to grasp the grassroots branch to promote "two learning and one" to achieve "four qualifications"


Original title: Seize the "key minority" to grasp the grassroots branch to promote "two learning and one" to achieve "four qualifications" on May 11, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held all Party members and cadres, mobilizing the deployment and promoting "two learning Learning the Institutionalization of Education, Party Secretary, and Cao Jianming attended the meeting and speaking.

The reporter Cheng Ding took this morning, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held the All Party Members and Cadres, mobilizing the Deployment Promoting "Two Learning One" Learning Education Normalization Institutionalization. Party Secretary and Prosecutor Cao Jianming emphasized that the top party members and cadres of the highest prosecutants should conscientiously study the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the important deployment of the "two learning and one" learning education, and more closely combined to deepen inspectors and rectification Work, on the basis of "learning", realize the normalization institutionalization in "Do", ensuring "two learning," learning education into daily, caught the branch, implementing each party, and has political qualified , Execute discipline, quality, qualifying, and promote comprehensive development of the party, comprehensive development of the strict session. Cao Jianming pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the highness of politics, profoundly understand the significance of "two learning and one" learning to learn the institutionalization of the institutionalization of educational, insist on the first place to focus on ideological and political construction, and insist on the party constitution Party Regulations, with the party Innovative theory results in armed brain, realize normalization institutionalization on the basis of "learning". To continue to learn the party rules of the party constitution, strengthen party spiritual exercise and ideological transformation, and effectively protect the party constitution and comply with the requirements of party regulations into the conscious action.

To learn from the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the new ideological strategy of the new ideas of governing the country, better unity, and armed their minds. It is necessary to highlight General Secretary Xi Ping’s important instructions on the rule of law construction and political and legal work, insist on correct political directions, faithfully perform legal supervision duties, and build a hard inspection team.

To learn from the central group of party groups, give full play to the demonstration of party members’ leading cadres and improve learning. Cao Jianming emphasized that the "four qualifications" should be derived, "doing" to achieve normalization institutionalization. It is necessary to firmly establish "four awareness", and deepen the implementation of the Party Central Committee on the full-scale strategic deployment, unwilling to go to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and always do political qualifications. It is necessary to strive to perform discipline qualification to strictly abide by party discipline, especially political discipline and political rules. We must vigorously promote the party’s fine traditions and style, and seriously practice the professional ethics of the prosecutor and always do our morality.

It is always necessary to keep "a heart that is the party for the people", keeps in mind the mission of responsibilities, strengthening responsibility, and has always played a qualified work.

Cao Jianming demanded that it is necessary to seize the "key minority", grasp the grassroots branch, give full play to the role of demonstration to drive and fight the fort.

Party members at all levels of the organs should be a good appearance rate, with the lead in the banner, and take the lead in strengthening the party’s cultivation, take the lead in strict self-discipline and take the lead in responsible. It is necessary to build the party branch as the most important basic construction, firmly establish all the party’s intention of the branch, and better play the role of the grassroots party organization battle fortress. It is closely combined with the "two learning and one" learning education and deepening the insulting and rectification work, persistent, and does not relax and do a good job. It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen classification guidance, layers to promote implementation, and persistence for a long time, ensure that "two schools and one do" learn to learn the normalization of normalization.

(Reporter Wang Zhiguo) (Editor: Jiang Pingping, Cheng Hongyi).