“Ming Daoyou,Would you like to join us?”Lu Dongbin raised his glass and asked。


“it is good!”Li Ming did not hesitate,Some gifts from Daozu don’t care。But the crocodile dared to act like this,Has aroused his killing intent!
Chapter Nineteen Look for
Three Realms,More than 90% of the area is the three thousand big world。
And between the big world,Is the so-called chaotic void。
Chaos Void,Not really empty,For example, the star where Moon Lake is located,Just above the stars between the big world。
And the same,A line of four gods and gods,Appeared on an unknown little star not far from Gudi’s Great World。
This star is far inferior to the moon under the lake,Even compared with the two supreme stars of the sun and lunar,But the size of a county in the big world。
It is said that,The crocodile devil appeared in this star。
“Lingguan,Trouble you to check it out。”Lu Dongbin has a very high status in the Three Realms,Naturally is the caller。
Wang Lingguan once served as Dutian picket in the ancient heaven,Picketing,Naturally proficient in detection。