Look at the familiar street scene,Xia Jian’s heart is really mixed。He didn’t expect that he would completely leave this place where he had struggled。Until now,He has a deep understanding of the meaning of the sentence。“Iron-fighted battalion”


Because Wang Lin left him the key to the villa,So there is no need for him to stay outside in the hotel,Instead, he drove directly into Wang Lin’s villa。
Open the door and go in,Empty room,Not a trace of vitality。Xia Jian quickly opened the window,First, let the air pass,Then cleaned the room。
After getting these things done,Xia Jian went to take a bath,Tidy up,Then I called Fang Fang。Fang Fang said a good place,He just took a taxi and drove over。
What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,He past tense,Fang Fang has ordered the dishes,There is also a bottle of red wine。Drove for most of the day,Xia Jian is hungry too。Not waiting for Fang Fang to speak,He ate it himself。Almost eaten,He just pours。
Fang Fang on the side saw Xia Jian like this,Can’t help but smile。Drinking red wine is for Xia Jian,Just mean,Just add to the atmosphere。
“Hey!What is going on?Why are you fighting with Xiao Xiao??”Fang Fang drinking red wine,Asked Xia Jian softly。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Long time must be divided,Say it’s different,Can’t do it。Xiao Xiao now is very different from before,It can be said that she is for money,Reckless,Slant。She can join hands with a woman like Zhou Li,What do you think I can do when I stay?”
“Zhou Li is a lunatic who does nothing to achieve her goal,I’m afraid it’s wrong to cooperate with her!”Fang Fang whispered。
Xia Jian raised his glass and took a sip:“Proper and improper,I can’t hear Xiao Xiao even when I speak,Yu Qi,Might as well separate and do”
“You are right。Xiao Xiao, this woman is too unfeeling,She hurt you a lot。I know you have always looked to Mr. Xiao to accommodate her,Otherwise I will leave her early,Did you say i was right?”Fang Fang said with a smile。Xia Jian nodded silently。
To know,The relationship between Xia Jian and Fang Fang,In the most popular words, like a girlfriend。They two sit together,It can be said that there is nothing to talk about。
someone said,The good times always pass quickly。The two are talking,Before I knew it, it was ten o’clock in the evening。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,Fang Fang said with a smile:“Let’s go home!Tomorrow morning if you have time,Let’s go to Mr. Xiao’s grave”