“But with his character,I’ll just come to exchange,He may not appreciate。。So challenge him first,Fight him,Do not seek victory,As long as he can communicate equally,It is possible to acquire him【All the time】The principle of the trick。”


“Are you sure you have this strength?”Beirut said seriously:“Utreid can not only destroy Dzogchen,You watched the battle between him and Ove.,Time and space disorder directly affects time and space and soul,Ofe reluctantly accepted,You are really confident!”
“I was a little jealous of him before,Must join forces with those two to suppress him,But with this supreme artifact。”Wright shook his head:“No good,He can’t keep me。rest assured,Lord Beirut,He was confused at that time, I had already figured out a way to crack it。”
quickly,A message circulated among the main gods。
Who was newly promoted millions of years ago,And defeat the Lord God ruled by the light‘Wright’,Challenged the master of destruction。
hell,In a sea of chaos,There is a very special demon castle。
This demon castle is not fixed in a certain city,But floating in the sea of chaos,As if following the flow。
But those powerful gods who have been in hell for many years,Have vaguely heard of,There is a great hell lord,Driving a magical castle,Sailing wantonly in the sea of chaos。
Of course they don’t know,Owner of this castle,Not simple‘A great hell lord’,But the supreme existence of the whole hell—Destroy the master,Utrede。
And at the moment,This great master listened to the report of the messenger,But his face is not so good。
“The little guy on the material plane of the Magnolia continent,It was indeed written to me?”
“Yes,The great master of destruction!”His messenger is similar to human beings,There are six small horns on the forehead,Fierce temperament。But at the moment,In front of the ruined master,This strong man who can be called the pinnacle of the palace lord dare not breathe,A little sweat fell on my forehead。
Destroy the master,Not a good host。