A 91-year-old man’s "thank you letter"


Thanks the letter screenshot.

Yao Wenyun, 91 years old, and Xujiaqiong Changcheng Chengdu. Half a month ago, the old couple was prepared to sell the house and went to Shanghai and his son to reunite. Buyers are talking, something packages, everything is advanced in an orderly manner.

"Before you leave, pick up the buyer’s phone, say that the bank is required to provide the original home marriage certificate when the loan is loan, but my parents’ marriage certificate can’t be found.

"The old daughter Yao Hongwei told reporters that because of the lack of this marriage certificate, the housing sales contract that has signed, may be compensated that the buyer is equivalent to a total of 20% of the total value of the house.

Can’t find it, make up one! Unexpectedly, this marriage certificate was added, more than imagined.

It turned out that Yao Wenyun’s elderly met with the anti-American assistance troops to meet the old partners, and registered in Liuhe County, Tonghua City, Jilin Province. After 65 years of marriage, I need to replenish the marriage certificate and get a marriage certificate from the place registered.

Let two ninety-year-old people have a long jurisprus for more than five thousand miles, there are many inconveniences; entrusting agency, consider the factors such as epidemic prevention, archives work hours.