20 cases of Shenze County launched the fourth round of the fourth round


  CCTV News (Reporter Xu Hui): On November 4

  Zhang Fengzhen, deputy mayor of Shijiazhuang Municipal Government, report, 0:00 on November 3, 2021, after re-examination of Shijiazhuang City CDC, the expert group consultation, 19 cases found in the second round of the second round of Duze CountyIn the 6 cases of siring positive and third-round nucleic acid detection, 20 cases of new coronary pneumonia in Shenze County were diagnosed with 20 cases, 5 cases to be re-examination and expert consultation.All of the above-mentioned positive cases are detected in the sealing zone and the isolation point.As of 24:00 on November 3, Shijiazhuang City had 46 cases of diagnosed cases.

  Zhang Fengzhen introduced that Shenze County will launch the fourth round of all nucleic acid detection.

Jinzhou City is today being conducted a second round of nucleic acid detection, and it is expected to be completed at noon.