The director of Dr. Strange 2 withdrew, suggesting that the film is related to illusion


The director of “Dr. Strange 2” withdrew, suggesting that the film is related to “illusion”
Scott Drakeson and Benedict Cumberbatch.Sauna Night News reportedly confirmed that the foreign media “Hollywood Reporter” confirmed that Scott Drakeson resigned from the directorship of “Dr. Strange 2: Crazy Multiverse” because of “creating differences”.”Marvel and I agreed to part ways in” Dr. Strange 2 “.”But the filmmaker who once directed” Dr. Strange “in 2016 ranked on Twitter,” I am very grateful for our cooperation, I will continue to be the producer.”Dr. Strange 2″ project will start shooting in May this year, Benedict Cumberbatch will continue to play Dr. Strange, the film’s release date is scheduled for May 7, 2021.Drexen has been involved in “Dr. Strange 2” for a year. He and Marvel once said that this story will have a scary color, and will be released with the upcoming Disney + TV series “Wanda Vision”Linked together, but it ‘s unclear what certain plots of this movie will be scary.In December last year, Dreixen had an obscure place on Twitter: “The release date is the enemy of art.”It is unclear whether he wants to supplement the release of” Dr. Strange 2 “, the armor has more time to make this movie.At the same time, Drickson also said that after the “Dr. Strange 2” project, he will begin to adapt an R-level horror film, and the collaborator is the son of “King of Horror Novel” Stephen King, screenwriter Joe Hill.Sauna Night Editor Huang Jialing school against Wei Zhuo