as expected!


“Little white face?”Hear here,The man regained his confidence。
The woman laughed contemptuously when she heard it。
“I said!Even if she can afford it,Affordable Angel Wings,So what can,I didn’t buy it with my own money,Not even a man who spends money on himself,Dare to pretend in front of me!”
The man said in cooperation:“Just,Just,Wife,I’m right,Just that dick,How could there be money to afford such expensive angel wings?”
The boss heard the conversation between these two people,He also rolled his eyes very helplessly,When did I say that he was a little boy?。
and so,Mrs. Boss, while the two people are talking,Interjected:“but,Buy wedding dress card,It’s that man’s card!”
The woman snorted,Said:“So what can?Even his card,It was the money that the woman gave me,Just a little white face,Could it be more than five million?!”
“Wife is right,If you really have more than five million,How could you still be a little boy??”The man after the woman’s voice fell,Immediately echoed。
Mrs. Boss, look at this obsessive couple,So I didn’t say anything more。
I just shrugged my shoulders indifferently,Anyway, how do the two of them think Xiao Fan,It has nothing to do with her,Isn’t it?
“Oh, right,It’s that Xiao Fan is likely to go to the auction tomorrow,It is said that the goal is the ring called eternity。”The boss added。
The lady boss knows that this woman is very jealous,otherwise,I won’t make a special trip to confirm if the angel wings are actually sold.,And came to the bridal shop to confirm。
In that case,It’s better to take this opportunity,Let this man and woman make things that little,If you are not sure, you will really find out the identity of Xiao Fan?
Although the lady boss is not jealous of Xiao Fan’s Lin Yoona,But there is always curiosity。
After all, the boss’s wife’s observation of Xiao Fan,No matter what, he shouldn’t be a little boy!
Since I can’t inquire,Then find someone to help。