He eyebrows,Looked a blue 梓 俊,Turned to the head, etc.。


First class,A flight attendant is laughing in a cup of coffee to the Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao is not sleeping one day overnight.,Very tired,He is lazy,Elegant cafe,Elegant drinking。
“Hao Jun,I saw it.,Under the economy class。”
I heard the voice of Muzi,His eyes have been confused,So, now the popularity,Will be the economy class?
still is,Mu Ziyi discovered beauty?I want him to see it.。
wrong,If he discovered beauty,I will not come over with his character.,He Lu Haoge,Instantly crush his Mu Zizi。
That beauty will immediately turn to the opposite,This is often happening。
Mammaking thinking,Mu Zihao has already come to his face.。
“Hao Jun,I am talking to you.?Didn’t you hear it??”Mu Zihao only feels particularly difficult to speak this big god。
sometimes,He even lifted his eyes too lazy to lift it.,Don’t say that you will answer his question.。
However, it is his baby son.?Make a reason,He shouldn’t be so calm?
That’s his son,His son!
He Mu Ziyu envied。
NS185chapter:Two uncle,Trouble

NS185chapter:Two uncle,Trouble
Lu Haozheng,The deep eyes glanced at him.,Some impatient:“You look wrong.?If now on this plane,Why don’t we know??”
Mu Zizi also doubts,At first he thought it was wrong.,Can last for half a year,Blue and blue are red all over half,Many big screens,Magazine,Airport TV,His figure will appear,He should have no mistakes。
He pulled Lu Hao Cheng,Say:“Walk away,The plane will land right away.,If you don’t believe in me?,Go see yourself,Otherwise I have to doubt my own eyes.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at him universally,Break away from his hand,Icy eyes show him to the front。
Mu Zi’s mouth pulled a mouth,He feels that his life is hard,I followed such a ice face all day.。
He didn’t have crazy,It’s a miracle of fucking.!
Two people come to the Economic Class,Mu Zi looked on the empty position,Instant eyes。
Difficult,He really can’t,Still a illusion,People?
Where is the child??Just sit here?!
Lu Haocheng looked at him coldly.,Ridicule:“Muzi,I think you really have eyes.!”
Finish,He is quite angry,Have to leave。
Two people are beautiful,Temperament,Their arrival,Causes the stipulations of the stipulations。
Some even girls have darles,Put the flower and laugh and laugh。
Lu Haocheng hates this scene。
He just took a step,I was honored by Muzi。
“Muzi,You have finished?”Lu Hao Cheng’s face is completely black,Good temper is all used here.。
“Not finished!”Mu Zihao also went to patiently turned back to him.。
Immediately, in Lu Haocheng’s angry, referred to a small man who came from caught away.。
Blue Lu Jun was separated from Muzi,Just get up to go to the toilet,Just come back。
At this time,Blue 梓 俊 has taken sunglasses,Just now Mu Ziyou came over,He already fell asleep。
He looked at a plane to land.,Just got up and went to the toilet。