Of course, the reason she wants to come makes Chen Xiu unable to refuse,After all, Ou Jianhua is in Centipede Ridge。


“and also,What’s in your backpack?”Zhu Huiwei pointed to the big backpack on Chen Xiu and asked。
Chen Xiu does not hide,Take it down directly,Opened in person and said:“Black dog blood high pressure water gun、Mahogany nail air gun、Grenade with cinnabar powder……”
Inside his backpack are a lot of weapons against zombies packed with modern technology。
“Your kid is walking with us two zombies with so many weapons against zombies,I’m not afraid that the two of us will turn our faces and kill you!”
Behind Zhang Haibao’s voice,Ou Sheng looked back,It was the first time she saw Zhang Haibao,I saw his exquisite and unparalleled face is a bit more beautiful than contemporary fresh meat or anything else.,People never think he will be a zombie。
Beautiful should be described in women,What is helpless is that both Cai Kun and Zhang Haibao can control the word。
Zhu Huiwei asked Zhang Haibao:“Got things back?”
Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng looked at the small wooden box in Zhang Haibao’s hand together,I was full of curiosity,I really want to know what’s in the wooden box?
From the attitude of Zhu Huiwei and Zhang Haibao, two zombies,They attach great importance to the contents of the wooden box,It happened to be handed over to Guo Yingdong and other mortals to keep it for decades,Instead of bringing it around。
Zhang Haibao raised the box in his hand and said:“Naturally, you have to bring things to save your life。”
“go,board the plane。”
“Must be at Centipede Ridge by 12 o’clock tonight!”
This Boeing747Zhu Huiwei ordered the private jet,It turned out to be able to take a plane with hundreds of people,Is transformed into a private club,The decoration inside is naturally luxurious,Let Chen Xiu refresh the concept of rich people at once。
The passengers on the plane are not only Chen Xiu and the four of them,And Zhu Huiwei and Zhang Haibao transformed into four generations of zombies。
Of course they are not eligible to be in the same cabin,They have a bad attitude towards Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng。
Looking at Chen Xiu, their gazes are like human beings watching that two are about to become pork belly、Bacon is like a pig。