Tong Jie hurriedly smiled and said:“Secretary Wei just arrived,Not very familiar with us,Or i’ll take you around,Meet a colleague in town,Facilitate work in the future”


“no need,You and Secretary Lu can do your business!I want to talk to Mayor Xia,I am his secretary after all”Wei Xiaoming said seriously。
Tong Jie glanced at Xia Jian,So he said to Secretary Lu:“Where let’s go!”When Tong Jie said this,Unhappy。Anyway,He is also a deputy mayor。But Secretary Lu wanted her to take Wei Xiaoming to get to know the situation of the town government,She really can’t figure it out,What do you do。
Tong Jie left,Secretary Lu is too embarrassed to stay any longer,He made an excuse,Quickly slipped out of Xia Jian’s office。
Wei Xiaoming glanced at Xia Jian,He turned around and closed the door,Then he said with a smile:“really interesting!People now don’t know what’s wrong?”
“Two words snobbery!They all know that your uncle works in the provincial government,So I dare not offend you,Trying to flatter you。But let me explain in advance,I’m not such a person,You are my secretary,Actually the assistant to the mayor,I want people who do things”Xia Jian looked serious,Very seriously。
Wei Xiaoming listened,Not only not angry,Instead laughed:“Mayor Xia is indeed well-deserved,I heard that sometimes you don’t even give the mayor’s face?It seems that I have come to Pingyang Town”
Xia Jian glanced at Wei Xiaoming,Said with a faint smile:“Secretary Wei, don’t be too optimistic,I’m right,If you are here, it is to plate yourself with gold,Then I advise you to go elsewhere!”
“Mayor Xia!I tell you too,Since i’m here,Will not go easily,You arrange work for me!”Wei Xiaoming said,Snorted coldly,Extremely unconvinced。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,And said to Wei Xiaoming:“You go and clean up your dormitory,Then come to me again, Work overtime at night”
Wei Xiaoming was taken aback and said:“Mayor Xia! I think it’s better to talk about efficiency at work。Always working overtime without getting results is wasted energy,Might as well go to sleep,Nourish your energy”
“OK!I’ll see what your work efficiency is?You go first!”Xia Jian learned from this young man,As if I saw his shadow in the past few years。
Wei Xiaoming left,Tong Jie came in,She laughed and said:“Mayor Xia!I can remind you,This person shouldn’t stay here long,So you don’t have to be serious。You can’t be too busy with work,Isn’t there still me??”
“Humph!They arranged this for me on purpose,How can I not be serious?Logically,Secretary Lu does not have a secretary,Procedurally,This secretary should be allocated to him,But no,Give it to me directly。In this case,I will use him well”Xia Jian said with a cold snort。
Tong Jie listened,A little helplessly shook his head。She laughed and said:“Your family just wants to see your excitement,I didn’t expect you to be so obedient”
“I can’t let them down!Wait a while he will come up,You put him in Niu Li’s original office。This is the task to be completed today,Probably how to do it,Tell him,I’m going to Shangxiagou Village“Xia Jian said that he gave Tong Jie the pile of materials in his hand。