What should I do to prevent pneumonia?


What should I do to prevent pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a relatively common disease that can occur in any population. Pneumonia is mainly characterized by fever, cough and other symptoms. It is usually accompanied by persistent high fever or cough. Patients often suffer from misery. What should be done to prevent pneumonia?

Take a look at the specific statement below.

How to prevent pneumonia1, because people themselves are immune, so even if a pathogen enters the human body, it is more difficult to cause disease, but if the person is in a state of illness and at the same time infected with the pathogen, then the probability of pneumoniaWill greatly increase, so do some preventive measures during the illness, such as wearing a mask and so on.

2, when people’s emotions continue to be low, or excessive drinking, will attenuate the body’s immunity, this time is very easy to cause illness, so avoid avoiding alcohol, to maintain a healthy mental life.

3, some people with some basic diseases, some congenital immunodeficiency, diabetes, etc., are also very likely to cause pneumonia, so these patients should follow the doctor’s advice and do preventive work.

4, as a normal person to contact with pneumonia patients to prevent infection, in the spring and autumn season, the season of colds, you should pay attention to protect yourself, try to go to Internet cafes, ktv and other entertainment venues.

5, the room can be disinfected regularly, you can boil vinegar to disinfect the air inside the room, you can also spray some disinfectant commonly used in the home to keep the indoor air fresh.

6, adjust the rhythm of life, prevent excessive physical fatigue, because when the body is in a state of fatigue for a long time, the body’s immunity will be greatly reduced, increasing the chance of infection with pathogens.

7, actively carry out appropriate physical exercise, in daily life, a good body is very important, good health, immunity will also be enhanced, it is not recommended to exercise, regular regular sports.

8, in the diet also need to pay attention to, diet should be clean, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, eat less fried foods, greasy food.