Xia Jian nodded,Think about it:“This thing is true,She said she married a Hong Kong businessman。Old man has a lot of money,Big industry。Zhou Li’s current status is also the executive boss,A great person”


Wang Lin smiled and said:“A woman like her is very ambitious,Can do anything。So when you date her,Be sure to http://www.xzznjz.cn guard”
“Contact?What kind of contacts can you have now??I’m really afraid of this woman”Xia Jian let out a long breath。
Fang Fang glanced at Wang Lin and said:“I think the three of us will eat together tonight!There are too many people but a bit noisy。Have a little wine,Best to talk”
Xia Jian nodded,Everyone stood up,Ready to go out。
First2230chapter Cold blood
Three people eat hot pot。Wang Lin ordered this,Of course Fang Fang likes it too。Xia Jian as a guest,He has no say。At this point,He knows himself。Because even if he said,It’s not saying the same。
Compete with women on such occasions,Men are generally at a disadvantage。three people,Xia Jian was drinking a bottle of wine,But Fang Fang is happy,It’s not that a bottle of wine is too little,Must get two bottles。I drank too much last night,Drink now。Xia Jian still feels a little bit conflicted,But Fangfang has to drink like this。
Fang Fang’s temper came up,No one can convince her。Present a bottle of liquor on the table,She just opened it up。Meaning very clear,This wine must be finished before leaving。
Cold winter,Eating hot pot,Drinking liquor,That’s really comfortable。At the beginning,Xia Jian was still drinking,He was afraid he was drunk again。But drank for a while,He forgot his original intention,Drank wildly with a wine glass。
Women have always been very good at hot pot。Xia Jian not only wants to serve them in the pot,And toast them,I’m busy all the time。
Eat for a while,Stop and drink for a while。Then they eat,Xia Jian really didn’t know,Why does http://www.yingzrd.cn this woman have such a big belly when she eats hot pot。
This meal could have ended after nine o’clock,But Fang Fang and Wang Lin have a lot to say。They were talking,While eating,Still not forgetting to drink two sips。
Two bottles of wine one to the end,Fang Fang’s pale face became bloody。She rolled her tongue and said:“President Xia!I’m fine by myself,Wang Lin will leave it to you”Fang Fang finished,Really got up and left。
Wang Lin’s drinker is naturally not as big as Fang Fang’s,She is drunk and unconscious。Xia Jian shook his head,He bent down and got Wang Lin on his back。What happened to him these two nights?Always let him carry women home。
When Xia Jian comes down,Fang Fang is gone。Asked the security at the door,Only then knew Fang Fang had already taken a taxi home。She seems to be a bit too much,But not drunk。
This person is still http://www.czshunhao.cn heavy after drinking too much,Fortunately, Wang Lin is a woman。Finally got her in his jeep。Xia Jian settled Wang Lin to sleep,Sighed and said:“You are fine,So drunk every night,Don’t care about anything when it’s over”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Wang Lin lying in the back row suddenly laughed。She smiled and said:“I like to let you carry。how?I still have comments after two nights?”
“what!You pretended to be drunk!Is it too much?”Xia Jian until now,I knew I was fooled by Wang Lin。It seems that Wang Lin is quite cunning。