Tonic is not a hidden danger to health


Tonic is not a hidden danger to health

Propolis, protein powder, multivitamin, Yangyan oral liquid. Faced with a large pile of health care gifts received during the Spring Festival, quite a citizen has made it difficult: don’t eat it, some waste; eat it, I’m afraid it’s “not right”, I don’t knowNo impurities.

  The effect is counterproductive. Xiao Huang, who works in Shanghai, returns home to his parents to buy tonics. What the old man eats is what he eats.

Relevant surveys show that at present, a large number of people in urban areas are habitually taking all kinds of tonics and health supplements. As a result, they have malnutrition due to the opposite daily diet, and even older people have become mentally dependent on health care products.

  Advocating for targeted medical experts to remind the public, middle-aged and elderly patients must pay attention to diet, tonic should be targeted.

Appropriate first look at the instructions, if you can’t make up your mind, you can consult a doctor.

Usually, people with liver and kidney dysfunction should try to avoid eating high-fat, high-protein products; supplement ginseng should be divided into physique; if the bowel tea has laxative function, people with bad stomach should be used with caution; for propolis-like health productsSome people may be allergic, it is best to try a small amount of drugs first; in addition to not paying attention to sugar-containing health products, people with diabetes should also pay attention to health products that taste sweet but tastes like sugar.

  It is also possible to change the recommendation of equipment experts, and sending health monitoring tools or health care equipment is also an option to express concern for the elderly.

For example, to the elders of diabetes and high blood pressure, weight scales, pedometers, home sphygmomanometers, and blood glucose meters can be given to keep the elderly informed of health data.