Play equipment to lose weight, you have to live 6 elements


Play equipment to lose weight, you have to live 6 elements

Core Tip: Friends who like fitness know that there are many problems to pay attention to when playing equipment. It is 6 elements in general. As long as you can keep these elements, you will keep the whole gym.

  Going to the gym, whether you are gaining muscle, reducing fat or shaping, you will definitely use your equipment for exercise.

So, what should we pay attention to when using the device?

Here, Xiaobian and you simply explain, I hope to be useful to everyone, Hold live in the gym, you can.

  The following is an example of a half-slope push up on the upper chest: 1. Speed During this process, the speed should be kept up and the speed is slightly faster than the speed below, and whether it is pushed up to the top orIt should be paused for 1-2 seconds when it is lowered to the lowest point.

  2, weight If you are increasing the circumference of the pectoral muscle, it is best to use 60%-80% of your maximum strength to exercise, generally 12-15 for a group; if you want to exercise the maximum strength, use your maximum strengthMore than 90% of the power to complete, generally 6-8 for a group.

  3, the use of breathing and breathing is generally related to your power; when pushing up, the gas in the lungs is exhaled, and then breathing in the process of lowering.

This is to better combine oxygen with blood to achieve improved oxygen utilization.

  4, the angle of the angle determines the action point of this action correct and correct stimulation to the muscles you want to exercise; which means exercise chest muscles, oblique push is to exercise your upper chest, bench press exercise is the middle of the chest muscles,The oblique push down is to exercise the lower part of the chest muscles.

  5, interval time and number of exercise groups Generally, each group of muscles required to exercise a part of the 3-5 groups of continuous stimulation exercise, each group of 10-20 movements, between groups and groups between 1-2 minutes.

  6, protection recommended to exercise when you choose to practice with your peers, this is for your safety.

Because the weight of the free device and the movement line have their own choice, if the muscle is tired or use a large weight, it is best to ask the companion to protect the action to avoid self-injury or injury.