2022 Heilongjiang Province Urban and Rural Residents Disease Insurance Capline will fully cancel the reimbursement ratio up to 75%


People’s Network Harbin September 3 (Wang Ying) In order to further enhance the basic medical insurance capacity of urban and rural residents, improve the level of medical security, recently, Heilongjiang Medical Protection Bureau and the Provincial Department of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation Heilongjiang Taxation Bureau, Provincial Education The Department is issued in the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in 2021 City and Rural Residents" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), basic medical insurance per capita financial subsidies increase 30 yuan, the major illness insurance capping line will be canceled, newborns, special difficult personnel, low Keep the object and other medical insurance benefits enjoy the waiting period. The financial subsidy standards improve the "Notice" clearly, 2021 residents’ basic medical insurance per capita financial subsidies increased by 30 yuan in 2020, reaching 580 yuan per person, further enhance the basic medical insurance fund of urban and rural residents, in order to enhance the basic medical insurance and major illness of urban and rural residents The level of insurance benefits provides strong support. The major illness insurance capping line is fully canceled urban and rural residential disease insurance is a replenishment medical insurance system for high medical expenses in patients with insured patients after basic medical insurance reimbursement of urban and rural residents.

The policy adjustment, the provincial medical security bureau focuses on medical security problems, through in-depth research, carefully calculated, the conventional unity is reimbursed in accordance with the payment quota according to the major illness insurance fund payment, greatly improved major disease The patient’s treatment is guaranteed.

"Notice", since January 1, 2022, urban and rural residents’ major illness insurance implemented segmentation reimbursement policies, and fully canceled the major illness insurance capped lines.

Among them, the big disease insurance fund pays 20,000 yuan below 65% reimbursement, with a proportion of 20,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan to reimburse the proportion of 70%, and 5,000 yuan shall be reimbursed in 75%.

"Notice" clearly, the fundraising of major illness insurance in the 2021 urban and rural residents is allocated from the basic medical insurance policy of residents and does not require personal payment of insured personnel.

It is reported that this is the third adjustment of major illness insurance policies since the establishment of the Provincial Medical Security Bureau, and it is also a maximum adjustment, and the medical security level of patients with major illnesses will be significantly improved.

Newborns, special hardships, low-cost objects, etc. do not have medical insurance treatment to avoid the medical insurance treatment during the case of the insured person, "Notice" stipulates, paying for three months within 3 months of the employee medical insurance. , And newborns, special difficulties, low-inspirations, etc. who participate in the basic medical insurance in the specified time, do not set the waiting period, to ensure that the insured personnel are not interrupted, and the treatment continuously.

In addition, the "Notice" also puts forward clear requirements for consolidating and improving the treatment of the treatment mechanism, strengthening medical insurance payment management, strengthening the supervision and management of fund supervision, and promoting public management services. According to the person in charge of the relevant department of the Provincial Medical Protection Bureau, the next step will conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the national medical insurance treatment list, according to the policy adjustment authority and decision-making process, based on the unification of basic medical insurance market-level co-ordination, according to the unity The requirements of the standard are resolutely canceled the local implicit policies that do not meet the list of medical insurance premises. Gradually shrink the medical insurance treatment gap between the city (ground), actively promote the basic medical insurance provincial-level overall management of urban and rural residents, and better provide fair, convenient, warm and comfortable medical security services to the people, and continuously enhance the people’s happiness, Get sense, safe. (Editor: Wang Sidi, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.