Develop pepper industry to help farmers increase


  This year, Yuxi Town, Qiqi, Zhifu City, Zhizhou, Guizhou Province, was selected for the national agricultural power towns. After years of hard work, local pepper planting has not yet, from excellent to strong, becoming the leading industry of mass income.

  Since this year, Yuxi Town has played a leading sheep in the development of the grassroots party organization, relying on 8 village party branches, decomposes the target tasks, allowing the branch base, party members to keep the hill, cooperative technical guidance, and participate in variety selection, landFlow, field management, planting a pepper more than 5,500 mu, built more than 200 mu of demonstration bases.In order to reduce the impact of market factors on the pepper industry, the town optimizes variety choices, adjusts planting time, plant early and green pepper, high-yield red pepper and evening peppers.

At present, the pepper has a good growth, and the green peppers have begun to go public, and the red peppers have been fully booked. It is estimated that the annual output value can reach 15 million yuan, and the pepper planting can increase more than 7,000 yuan.