“what?!”Shen Yingjie was taken aback,She only knows the direct team transferred by the instructor,Out of sight,Li Tianzhen was bitten by them shortly after escaping from the police station,Also has some ability


But how come there is another group of people?How can Li Tianzhen judge that they are his own??Shen Yingjie feels that matters,The national security field personnel temporarily assigned to her were all evacuated yesterday.,How did this group of people emerge?
It’s a pity that Li Tianzhen has hung up,Shen Yingjie, who really feels the big deal, dare not neglect,Immediately called the instructor,Retell Li Tianzhen’s words almost intact to him。
The instructor was also surprised,Faintly feel that the event is developing in an uncontrollable direction,He believed in Li Tianzhen’s judgment,Since he thinks he is his brother,Then this group of people has a certain quality recognized by Li Tianzhu,It should be from Guoan, no doubt,But such a transfer,I don’t even know,Which group will be sent out?Gu Jian??
Reminiscent of the meeting in the bureau yesterday,The instructor suddenly had an unknown hunch,A colleague routinely blames himself,Although the words are euphemistic,But the point is that he can’t be disciplined、Show your subordinates,This kind of cliché is almost always said,So it is called routine by the instructor。
After the southern Yunnan operation,This kind of tune。Earlier he was tit-for-tat,I went with him later,After all, Li Tianzhen did a good job,Even if it caused bad effects,Not irreparable,At least the instructor’s opinion was approved by the bureau,Even if it’s qualitatively guaranteed。
The accusations have gradually disappeared from the market,As long as Li Tianzhen stays obediently for a while,Nothing will happen。
But the sudden change was more than half a month ago,This colleague doesn’t know which muscle is cramping,Not only revisiting the old things,And uncovered some new evidence,Prove that because Li Tianzhen was acting without authorization abroad,Caused many innocent casualties and property damage,Must reinvestigate,And brought to justice。
It’s been more than two years,And it’s a qualitative thing in the bureau,Why is it endless?The instructor felt incredible,But I also noticed something unusual,Even the head of the Special Operations Division 1 who has always been neutral supports that guy’s point of view.,Very intriguing。
Not long,The instructor learned from a certain channel,Li Tianzhen is a good Taoist priest,Go to the mountain valley in Jinzhong to investigate Zhang Ziqiang。
This surprise is not trivial,The instructor knows how difficult it is to restart the investigation of the rescue incident 17 years ago,So Li Tianzhen was strictly ordered not to make trouble,But this kid doesn’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick,I sneaked it up by myself,Isn’t he hitting the wall??
The instructor seems to understand the cause and effect of his colleagues reverting the old things,Also made him highly nervous,But never thought,Only a few days,Suddenly something happened to Li Tianzhu’s family,Since there is no necessary connection,He can’t judge,But immediately took a series of measures,Including sending Shen Yingjie out,The purpose is to restrain Li Tianzhi,Once this kid does something extraordinarily impulsive, it’s over。
But the situation is worse than the instructor expected,Li Tianzhen fled the police station,It shows that he has already spared his thoughts,What Toshin Yingjie told,Is actually a serious warning,When necessary,He will no longer care about fellowship。
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty First warning
The instructor has no sleep at all,Standing on the balcony smoking one after another,He remembers that the last time he smoked like this was two years ago,Li Tianzhen risked his life while collecting evidence in an illegal underground laboratory in Chadok, Myanmar,Synchronizing video,Nervous and thrilling,Let him smoke a whole pack of cigarettes in the middle of the night。