Is it possible that Minglang is in the process of climbing,What’s the big gain??


Firefly Flying River,Vigorous,Zhu Minglang still standing in place,Did not move half a step,But the flying sword he controls has already forced the Sword Sister of the Discipline Hall into defeat.、Sweating。
As Wu Feng guessed。
The sword spirit dragon cultivation base has indeed skyrocketed。
That’s because the sword spirit dragon swallowed all the ancient swords in the Mianshan Sword Tomb!
After swallowing,The cultivation base of the sword spirit dragon is close to the upper monarch level,Plus Zhu Minglang’s flying sword swordsmanship that I learned from those swords,Speaking of the presence of the powerful monarch,Zhu Minglang dare to fight with him!
Flying Sword School,Sword Realm。
The cultivation of the sword spirit dragon,Plus the sword realm that I wish Minglang understood……
Stack boost!
As Zhu Minglang said,He doesn’t need to move half a step。
And what humiliates Lin Min most is,Zhu Minglang used the flying sword technique of their Mianshan Jianzong——Firefly Sword。
“Uncle Bai,Have you taught him the firefly sword?”At this moment,Wen Mengru asked about Bai Qin’an in a low voice。
Bai Qin’an shook his head。