He is also from Ji Ting Continent,Inexplicably traversed here???


How to Train Your Dragon……
Yes,There have always been Shenfan Academy and Dragon Training Academy in the Great Court Continent,I thought the Dragon Training Academy here was just a coincidence in the history of the development of every mainland human race。
Dean Duan Changqing, who originally founded How to Train the Dragon Academy,Also from the polar continent!
I can’t find my way back,Just a few years,And he couldn’t find his way back for decades……My daughter is so old!
“Yes……Yes,I am indeed Zhumenzi,I accidentally fell into a rare virtual sea whirlpool,After waking up from a coma,Is in the wasteland。”Zhu Minglang said。
It turns out that both myself and the director are visitors from a foreign country。
The establishment of the Dragon Training Academy,Not a coincidence。
It is Duan Changqing who continues the academy philosophy of Ji Ting Mainland,Was created on the Lichuan Plain!
“Emergence of Wutu,Let me understand some of the laws of this vast world,I have also been nihilistic overseas all these years,In ancient mountains,Hidden Kirishima,At the end,I just hope to find out the secret of the Void Sea Vortex,Unexpected……Unexpected,The Great Court Continent just fell from the sky like this,For a long time I thought that the past was a ridiculous dream……”Dean Duan Changqing said bitterly。
This bitter,I wish Minglang understand。
If I am the same as this dean,Lived here for decades,I will doubt the world I lived in,Is it an illusion after being injured?。
If it weren’t for the presence of a lot of people,Zhu Minglang is afraid that he will have two eyes in the Bay of Tears. Hug with this Dean Duan Changqing, weep in grief!
“Two,Let’s solve our doubts first,Life and death,Not a moment to delay。”The old grandmother of the Li family sighed and said。
“Tell us a little bit about the Jitian continent。”Bai Hongbo said。
Zhu Minglang glanced at Dean Duan,I think it’s better for Dean Duan to elaborate。
Dean Duan nodded,To signal Zhu Minglang that he was wrong,He will add and correct。
“There is a dynasty and many states,Dynasty Strong,Formulate national regulations。”
“Other nations stand like a forest,Uneven strength,Constant disputes,But they must abide by the rules of the dynasty。”
“Besides,There is also Zonglin、Clan gate、Dragon Palace、Holy See、Colleges and other forces that will not arbitrarily interfere in national wars。”