“alright, alright,I don’t talk to you these gossip.,I have to go to the county.,I don’t ask you today.。”


Facing Dong Xiajian is a general spice with dog skin plaster,Li Hui Feng is also some speechless。
“Hey-hey,Xiao Li brothers,Then you can tell me who is the beauty that has just been from your home.?
Is there any ways to contact?
I have recently prepared plan a step in a large love costume drama.,The name is a beautiful people, and the beauty is absolutely suitable for women 1,Can you help me with a contact??”
Looking at Dong Xiajian’s smile,There is also the eyes of the color,Li Hui’s direct decisive refused。
“can not,If you don’t have anything else, I will not accompany you.。”
Said that Li Hui Hui ride directly to the motorcycle and prepare to go to the county。
He promised Zhou Miao’s first thing yet yet,Naturally, I will take things well.,Otherwise, in his understanding of Zhou Miao.,If you know he didn’t go to Zhou Shengjie,I will open a crazy voice to he open。
Dong Xiajian saw that Li Hui Feng really had to go,I didn’t follow it immediately.,Instead, he hesitated directly to sit on the back seat of the motorcycle sitting in Li Hui Feng.,Take the bus to the town.。
After all, his new director’s movie is really a color candidate.,Just have never seen a good candidate.。
Go to the town,Dong Xiajian still has some unsatisfactory hand to Li Hui’s business card。
“Xiao Li brothers,The words I have said before are really,The beautiful woman who just left from your home is really suitable for moving my new director.,She just wants to go properly,And don’t need any acting skills。”
“You will help me give her this film.,Everything else will follow。”
Dong Xiaojian said this time is rare to expose a bit of serious color。
Li Hui Feng this time is not refused。
“Row,I have encountered it to help you.,But she doesn’t contact you if she contacts you.。”
“Hey-hey,As long as Li brothers can help me give her a business card to her, I have been helping me.。”
This is said,The bus is coming.,Dong Xiajian immediately promised a few words,I got on the bus.。
And Li Hui is directly riding a motorcycle toward the county town.。
Zhou Shengjie is also a glimpse when he received a phone call.。
After all, Li Hui’s parents just arrived at him to see the days.,But by his euphemistic rejection.。
Although he is also optimistic about Li Hui,But my daughter disagreed,He is naturally not able to do things against daughter’s will.。
When I heard that Li Hui’s way is to give him a disease?,All concerns have been swept away。
“Hahaha,Storm,It turns out that you still remember this.,You don’t say that I have to forget it.。”
Go out of the base,Zhou Shengjie directly gave Li Hui Feng a passionate hug。
For Zhou Shengjie’s enthusiasm,Li Hui Feng is something wrong with。
“Hey-hey,Promise Zhou Shu’s things naturally have to do,I am going to see the pulse of Zhou Shu.,Then treat it again。”
“Good,Let’s go in the house.。”
Zhou Shengjie takes the road in front,Go directly to his office。
Then I passionately poured a cup of tea.。