Recommend three white-collar body slimming tea


Recommend three white-collar body slimming tea

Are you an Office family?

Do you want to have a beautiful figure?

If you want to lose weight, are you unwilling to suffer the pain of hunger and starvation, and you have no time to go to the gym?

Then, here is a recipe for slimming – tea!

  Why can tea be light?

This is because Chinese medicine believes that the cause of obesity is formed by “wet”, “sputum”, “water stagnation” and the like.

Therefore, light-weight foods are mostly spleen and stomach, dampness, and water are the best, and the role of tea is here.

It is clear and hot water, phlegm and digestion, warming the spleen and stomach, oolong tea, Tieguanyin and so on are the favorite tea.

After the big fish and big meat, people used to sip a cup of fragrant tea. This is because drinking a cup of fragrant tea after drinking the wine is more comfortable in the stomach. It is the use of it to eliminate the greasy effect.

  Very have the habit of drinking butter tea and milk tea.

Most of them are people who eat mainly meat, so they are not serious. Tea plays a big role in the digestion of meat.

  Modern research has shown that tea contains caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, volatile oil, vitamin C, quercetin, and the quality of production, which are beneficial for lowering blood lipids and promoting metabolism.

Suitable for all kinds of obesity rehabilitation.

  The following describes several tea drinks: (1) Shuangwu tea raw materials: 5 grams of oolong tea, 30 grams of Polygonum, 20 grams of dried hawthorn, 20 grams of winter melon.

  Method: Put the Polygonum multiflorum, winter melon skin and hawthorn into the pot at the same time until the hawthorn is cooked. The residue is taken from the filter residue and the oolong tea is brewed with the soup solution.

  (2) Jade plate gourd tea ingredients: 25 grams of oolong tea, 25 grams of dried lotus leaves, 10 grams of Chen hooli, 5 grams of orange peel.

  Method: The dried lotus leaf, Chen Hulu, and orange peel are researched into fine powder and mixed into tea leaves.

When you want to drink, you can take a small amount of brewing and repeatedly brew until the tea is light.

  (3) Qingluo drink raw materials: 50 grams of dried lotus leaves, 5 grams of oolong tea, 6 grams of loofah, 5 grams of watermelon.

  Method: 1 Use gauze to wrap dry lotus leaf, loofah skin, watermelon green clothes, oolong tea, put it in water and wash it for later use.

  2 Put 5 cups of water in the casserole, add the gauze bag, boil it to the water and boil it on behalf of the tea.