How can the old man fall in the end?


5 kinds of exercise to enhance balance

How can the old man fall in the end?
5 kinds of exercise to enhance balance

One fact that many people find difficult to understand is that the fall of this kind of “small things” that slaps gray things is a big thing for the elderly, which is equivalent to the stroke and the incidence of hypertension.

In the elderly, falls are the first cause of death in the elderly over 65 years of age.

According to a report issued by the World Health Organization, more than 300,000 people die every year from falling worldwide.

How can the old man fall in the end?
Can the old man fall and help?

This is a social issue and a medical issue.

In fact, it is indeed a problem that needs to be carefully considered in terms of the health condition and first-aid needs of the fallen elderly person.

One principle is: don’t do it easily, and you can’t ignore it.

1. The old man is still awake after falling: First of all, you should ask if the elderly can move by themselves. When you are active, do you feel pain in some places? If you have no discomfort, you can be careful.

If the elderly have symptoms of discomfort, people around you should not move the elderly at will, accompany them to the right, give appropriate comfort to the elderly, and call professional emergency personnel in time.

If you have high blood pressure, such as chest tightness, chest pain and other symptoms of suspected morbidity, you should choose a comfortable position on the spot and call in time to lead the ambulance to the patient; if the back of the neck is painful, especially during activitiesMore should wait for professional emergency personnel.

2, the elderly are unconscious after falling, must breathe: unless the environment is not safe, do not move without permission, closely observe the old man’s mind, breathing, if there is discarding spit, you can be careful to lie on the side, clear the spit, waiting for professional emergency personnel to rescue.

3, the elderly fell after coma and stopped breathing or breathing: the elderly cardiac arrest, should immediately call the rescuers, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Let the patient sit on his back and give extra-thoracic intervention at the midpoint of the nipple connection, depth 5?
6 cm, pressing speed 100?
120 times / minute, the chest contour is fully rebounded, reducing the interruption time.

Can be combined with artificial respiration, suffocation 30 times, artificial respiration 2 times, so alternate cycle until the emergency personnel arrive.

In addition, although there are many factors for the elderly to fall, there is no need to judge the specific diseases of the elderly.

Usually, the elderly should be adjusted to a stable lateral position to help keep the airway open, do not feed water, feed, and feed.

Doing 10 points to prevent falls For middle-aged and elderly people, it is necessary to strengthen the strength of specific parts of the muscles, increase the range of activities, improve gait and improve endurance to reduce the risk of falls.

At the same time, family members should check their home environment to create a safer, risk-free living environment.

10 scenes are particularly prone to fall, the following methods can effectively avoid the danger: 1, remove messy items, create a clean and clean route, so that the elderly can walk freely at home.

2, remove the carpet, or use double-sided tape to avoid the carpet slipping.

3. Install handrails and lights on all stairs.

4. Install handrails inside and outside the shower and near the toilet.

5. Use a non-slip mat near the bathtub and on the floor of the shower.

6, avoid using a step stool or ladder to go high enough on the shelf.

7. Extend the length of the various rope switches so that they are easily accessible.

8, the speed of getting up is slow.

9. Turn on the lights before and after another room.

10, wear shoes when walking indoors and outdoors, avoid barefoot or wear slippers.

5 kinds of exercise to enhance the balance force through the targeted exercise, can improve the balance.

Experts suggest that from a young age, people should choose effective practice methods to exercise.

1, muscle strengthening exercise leg muscles enhance the balance.

If you are younger, try to practice one-legged slender legs, or single-legged eyes to increase a little; if you are in conflict, you can hold the fixtures for practice, it is recommended to do it three times a week.

2, Tai Chi research found that 6 months of Tai Chi practice, can significantly improve the balance of middle-aged and elderly.
It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people can try Tai Chi every day, one and a half hours, three times a week.

3, walking barefoot and walking barefoot can effectively stimulate the foot and improve the balance of the human body.
Close to parks, guides, places around the house, etc. Where there are pebbles, if there are no pebbles, you can also align, clean, moderately soft sand, 1 per day?
2 times, 15 each time?
20 minutes.

It is not suitable for diabetic patients.

4, kissing the ball body to maintain balance There are two strategies, one is preventive, for example, see someone to hit, the brain reacts in advance, the muscles are tight; the other is corrective, that is, after losing the balance, the brainMove your muscles and change your body posture.

The ball can be used to enhance the preventive strategy of the elderly and improve the balance.

5, training the brain to use counting, jigsaw, reciting poetry and other methods for mental training, can improve the brain’s response speed, slow down the decline of neurological function.

Appropriate amount of cereals, fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts, etc.

Related recommendations: open your arms while walking to prevent falls, collapse, shoulders, Zhou Yan, five movements, suitable for patients, walks, obviously control, pressure, different physical conditions, the walking style of the elderly must be checked