Detailed election of Deyang City has undergone so many major events behind the decline


A few days ago, according to the Jiyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, in the year of the 2021 election year, the city’s discipline inspection and monitoring organs received 561 reports, down 6% year-on-year, down 41% from the previous session. This group of data clearly reflects that the city’s sustained order is well, and good political ecology has repaired and consolidated the development.

From "sitting and other visits" to "take the initiative", set up a group "Connecting Bridge" "1 group of villagers in Xiaogan Town, Xiangyang District reflects that the country’s financial management is not strict, misunderstanding the wages to play ‘white strips’ problem, return to the village The two committees have paid the villagers ‘misunderstanding salary, and 10 of the 10 groups in the village for financial examination. Now the financial revenue and expenditure of the village is a public’, and the villagers are satisfied with the rectification situation; According to the spring, the river gully was destroyed, the river water drowning the crops, the house was drowning … "recently, at the Party War of the Deyi Committee of the Deyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the staff is compliant in recent years." Suggestions for the Collection of Breeze Action Collection.

It is understood that from 2016, Deyang Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs continued to carry out "breeze action". Every year, the Deyang Discipline Inspection Monitoring cadres or in the village, enterprises, or in the project site, grassroots units, in depth to the middle of the masses, and face their suggestions, collect the problem clues.

Through Raist, talk about things, some people and the discipline inspection and supervision cadres of "Breeze" have become friends.

"I have encountered anxious thing, I have to go far and go, now I only need to take out the low-time contact card, call the discipline inspection and supervision of visits to visit, there is cadres to ask and help solve, ‘I have an urgent difficult thing to find a discipline ‘It has become an oral zero of the surrounding people. According to incomplete statistics, since the "Breeze Action" has been carried out, the discipline inspection and supervision cadres have visited thousands of people, collecting honest opinions, having a 10,000 strokes, found and solve more than 5,200 issues.

This kind of "waiting for people to visit" change "going out to visit", not only collect the problem clues and suggestions, but also to solve the masses to reflect strong heart trouble, set up the cadres "Connected Bridge" He became the "intimate person" of the masses, and the masses were really awesome. "Breeze Action" is only the way the Deyang Discipline Inspection and Inspection Organs take the initiative to go out "to visit". The city has also established a member of the discipline inspection and supervision cadres, and the leaders of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the city’s leadership joint visit, the cadres of the organs, and receiving more than 6,000 people visited the masses, accept 633 reports of the report. From the "waiting case", "the people sinking", the masses have really felt the fairness and justice "Mi Ji Xue, director of the village committee of Baolian Village, Guanghan City, and the director of the Women Tan Xianrong is not responsible in the review of poverty alleviation. After the death of the Help, his relatives continue to receive low-guarantees; Zhongjiang County Public Security Bureau Environmental Crime Investigation Brigade People’s Police Tian Chen Ying is excused to have a variety of reasons such as sick, and do not carry out helping work in villages … "April 2020 The Jiyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is notified in a number of corruption and style problems in the field of poverty alleviation, and there is no small wave in the majority of party members and cadres.

According to Chen Ying, deputy director of the Xiyang Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, through sorting in recent years in the year of change in the annual letters and visits, most of the prosecution of the masses is because of the rudeness of the grassroots cadres, and they do not explain the people’s appeals. Some are delayed for the mass response to the masses.

In recent years, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has attracted the corruption and cadres’ striking problems around the people, and constructs "6 + 1" supervision system, led by the Standing Committee of the Deyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission (member), leading the supervision and inspection room to carry out various departments Full coverage supervision.

At the same time, the "changing area" linkage, patrol, and stationed, and sinking "first line" to work. The city has launched the "Individual Insurance Action", special governance in the field of poverty alleviation, "umbrella break network" special action, full of "four winds", discovery, discover and urge the rectification and change the fake, deceived and other formalism. Solid normalization to supervise and inspect the supervision and inspection of the performance, and accountant to 397 parties.

It is worth mentioning that in the special action of "umbrella break network", I found Xiao Min, Wu Bin, and Hu Hongli, former Director of the Public Security Bureau of the Deyang City Public Security Bureau, who were evil for the evil forces to act as "protect umbrella" case The investigation is unprecedented, and the social response is strong. When the masses are called fast, they also feel that "fair justice will never be absent."

From the "Sitting Password Supervision", the problem of tracing "," Thank you, the award fill this morning, thank you for your concern! "On August 25 this year, Sichuan Taoquan old altano-sauerkrait Co., Ltd. is excited by the Hui Nong Awards for the delay. During the "Optimized Business Environment" special inspection and "catching six guarantees, urge six stable" special inspection "look back", Deyang Municipal Committee, the ninth special patrol group learned when visiting the enterprise, Sichuan Taoquan old altar has limited The company is in line with the "Deyang Municipal People’s Government Office on Implementation of the Implementation Opinions on the Implementation of the Financial Policy of Private Economic Economic Development" on the national key leading enterprises, you can enjoy the $ 300,000 yuan, but the funds are delayed cash.

"The root cause is still insufficient, and the active service awareness is not strong. After receiving the superior notice, it has not been read, and there is no research to combat the qualified enterprise …" in the Shesi Agricultural Rural Area When talking, the person in charge of the bureau is sincere, indicating that it will rectify the problem with the inspection of the issue, and to carry out a non-investigation, the benefits of the benefit of the farmers policy, the bottom, and the prize policy will be combed, ensuring the various benefits of benefiting farmers In place, fall to the end. Play the responsibility of discipline inspection, take the initiative to help the masses solve the problem of urgent expectations in Deyang’s discipline inspection system has become a normal state. Director Deyang Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Director of the Municipal Supervision Committee, many emphasis on the city’s party style and clean government construction work conference, to promote the "sinking" of all levels of cadres with the discipline inspection and monitoring organs, and promote the problem of solving the people Look hope. In recent years, Deyang City has opened "Deyang Policy and Lian Connect" full media live broadcast program, and reports to the discipline inspection and supervision authorities to report, coordinate the business authorities to solve the problem of 724 people’s petition issues, prevent simple " A refusal "" One pushed ", actively handle the dismissal of the land acquisition and demolition visits in a village in Xiahan Town, Guanghan City, and the urban area has triggered a number of letters and visits, and the initiative to help Zhongjiang County The villagers of Yan Xinkun Village in Yanzhen resolved people’s livelihood issues such as "difficulties", the masses got the sense of satisfaction, and the satisfaction was significantly enhanced. After the "report" data is behind, it is refracted the evaluation of the people’s integrity construction and the results of anti-corruption work.

In the 8th Discipline Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Ninth Discipline Inspection Committee of the Ninth Party Congress will be put forward, and the "shelter" "escort" "protective forest" "protecting root" "promotion", one The comprehensive application of "Combined Punch" reflects the perseverance and determination of the Demo Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission to continue to plant the people’s hearts and promote the high-quality development of Deyang Economic and Social Quality Development.

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