Another malignant imitation incident! Japanese men’s trains are not arrested


When Japan, Jiuzhou Xinshun is walking to Kumamoto Prefecture, a 69-year-old male passenger is arrested on the spot because of the fire in the train.

Image Source: Japan Press Association (NHK) report screenshot.

  According to reports, in Kyushu Xinshun Road, Japan, No. 3 "Sakura 401", passengers sprinkled unknown liquids on the floor, and then lifted paper with lighters and ignited liquid. Due to the inner alarm, the train emergency stop. The fire has not spread so far, there is no personal injury.

  According to reports, in the post-survey, the suspect said: "I want to imitate the Beijing Wang line event last month." Previous reports, local time October 31st, a man wounded in the Tokyo Jingwang line train and airs. The incident has caused 17 injuries, one of which is seriously injured. The Japanese police arrested the man with a murdered crime, in the face of the investigation, the suspect is known, "I want to kill and be sentenced to death", and express myself to the August of the Ouda Eviper train event. In August, there were also 10 injured incidents on the Xiaoda’s routing.