“hehe,I have managed alone.,Don’t you recruit people??


As long as the price is given,Dream’s big cakes and big round,I think no one will refuse to help us.。”
“Most important,This is only two winery.,You are too small, I am.。”
“Hey-hey,That line,At that time, you will manage,I am responsible for continuing expansion。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Ye Double is also laughing。
Li Hui’s decision is really good to her.。
I also discussed the problem with Li Hui Feng.,Li Hui is also agreed.,Leave away。
Looking at the back of Li Hui,Ye Shuanghuang first played a phone call to the leaves.。
“Bro,You said it is true,Li Hui Feng is now really different from before.。”
“And our things he knows,Including route planning after you are promoted,He can guess。”
Ye Shuangzhou heard this words of his sister,First glance first,Then I laugh again。
For Li Huihe, he has not been a little.,But there is no too much attention too much attention。
But this time he found himself wrong with it.。
“Little girl,I used Li Hui Feng as a stupid,I don’t understand it.,Now he is still stupid,But people don’t want to be considered really, I don’t understand.,Just expose a lot of books。”
“You think that he is in the lotus village for a few days.,Has been developed to this point,This is something that ordinary people can do.?”
“so,There is no need to be a strange for his things.,And our things as long as this person is not stupid.,It’s so easy to guess.。”
Although the double boat said on his mouth,But my heart is understanding,There are some things in the future really can’t get sex.。
It may be this time to rent a shop on the street of Lotus Village and touched the neural line of Li.,Otherwise, Li Hui has not expressed the same.。
Think here,He also sighed。
I feel that there is more or less between Li with the wind.。
But his plan is still to continue,Future road,He can’t just hope that Li Hui Feng alone。
And Li Hui’s development must not expect him。
After all, it is more up.,The people needed。
This is also the same。
I want to continue to do bigger,So simple understanding of him is not enough.。
“Then he wants to build a new winery in Shenjia Village,What seems to be managed or me,Shares we need to invest a billion,how do you feel?”
“How can you still,Follow him will not lose money,Continue to follow,And the wine he brew, I also have passed.,It’s really good to drink。”
Put in this way,Ye Double Boat is also a few quickers who come to the wind.。
Although he is suspected that Li Ping is a person who has a martial art.,But after investigation,He also did not find some signs of the martial art.。
But if there is no,So many ancients, he does not understand。
“Row,Then I will continue to follow.,work on your businesses!”
Ye Double,I hang up directly.。