This wine,According to Xia Jian’s usual drinking capacity,There should be no problems at all,But he walked,Started to flutter,And getting better。


Finally carried Song Fang into their agreed hotel,Just put her on the ground,Song Fang rushed into the bathroom with a wow。Can find the restroom,This shows that she is not completely drunk,Should be half drunk。
Xia Jian closes the door,So he sat on the chair beside the coffee table and waited for this woman to come,He must get her to sleep before he can leave。There have been a lot of accidents because of drunk lying in the toilet。 I waited for a long time without seeing any movement,Xia Jian is a little worried,He shook his body,Strongly suppress the heat all over the body,Opened the bathroom door。
First0872chapter Trap
Too many affair,Not necessarily a good thing。
In the bathroom,Song Fang only wore a pink corset standing under the shower head,Her face flushed,Shortness of breath。The shower head has reached its maximum。Water rustling on her body,She seems to be suppressing something。
The scene before us,Made Xia Jian stunned。Originally a bit hot body,If there are thousands of horses running at this moment,If boiling water is pouring。He can’t stand it,But at this time,Song Fang suddenly rushed towards him,At the same time I put her hot lips on。
Xia Jian at this moment,Completely collapsed,He squeezed a heavy sound from his throat*,As soon as his scalded body touched Song Fang’s slightly cold body,He greedily squeezed the past like a cold。
At this time, Song Fang was entwined with Xia Jian like an octopus,This aroused Xia Jian’s wild heart,Which piece of cloth on a woman,I didn’t know where to go for a moment。
Sound of water,Mixed with women*sound,And the heavy breathing of a man,And the sound of the body hitting the wall。It can be said that the sound is heard,Formed a wild symphony。
From the bathroom,Tossing to the bed,The two have not been separated for a minute。Overwhelming time and time again,Warmly welcome again and again。Until I’m so tired that I don’t have a trace of strength,They fell asleep so deeply。
In sleep,Xia Jian feels like someone is opening the door,He turned over,Took the quilt and just naked them.When the exposed body is covered,Slap the light on。
Two police officers rushed in,There was a guy with a camera behind him,This person cannot be separated,Take a photo while holding the camera。Xia Jian shouted:“What are you doing?Be careful i sue you”
“Police rounds,We suspect you whoring”The policeman walking in the front showed his work permit。
Song Fang who understands,The action is very neat,She pulled the blanket on the head of the bed,Wrapped under the neck,Then shouted:“Get out!It’s great if you are the police,I stayed at the factory agreement hotel,I am friends with her,Who is a prostitute?”
“I am the general manager of the venture group,I have my credentials in my clothes,She is Song Fang from Xiping Village,We are friends,If you still don’t believe,I can call Mayor Ouyang Hong to prove it to you“Xia Jian helpless,I can only say this in the end,Because he didn’t understand the real intention of these people suddenly rushing in。
Xia Jianyi mentioned Ouyang Hong,Of course these two policemen have to take care of。One of the police officers found Xia Jian’s clothes at the door of the bathroom,He rummaged for a while,I found Xia Jian’s ID card and work permit。
The police nodded together after seeing it,He asked Song Fang:“Where’s your ID?“
“Isn’t there a small bag on the table??Find by yourself“Song Fang shouted angrily。