“This is the number of Shazhou District,In our north。”The shopkeeper looked at it for a long time。


“Can you be more specific?”Li Tianchou realizes that kidnapping does exist,Not a prank,The address is consistent with the information provided by the master,Xie Fushun was active in that area。
The owner said that he is not clear,Li Tianchou helpless,Thanked him and left the shop angrily,He felt the problem became serious,The kidnapper doesn’t call,Something must have happened,Can only take the initiative。
Back to internet cafe,Still no news,Red hair has begun to restless,Pacing back and forth,Kicked the chairs on both sides torso,Others dare not to persuade。
Li Tianchou is doing fierce ideological struggle,Should I tell Xiao Yadong some of the information I know,This is equivalent to an alarm,Will it greatly increase Wu Tianbao’s danger??He is really hard to grasp。But if you don’t tell,Touch by yourself,It is difficult and risky。
Really undecided,But time waits for no one,Li Tianchou no longer considers what conspiracy Uncle Geng plays,He needs help at the moment,I just dialed the master’s phone,“Hua brother,The other party hasn’t called,I feel bad,Will something change?”
Peng Weihua uncharacteristically did not taunt Li Tianchou,“Well,I am in the eastern suburbs,The address of Wenhua Road I told you yesterday。Come over if you like。”
The master is in the eastern suburbs?Did you rush to Xie Fushun??No wonder,It seems that Uncle Geng is ready,Oh shit,Even if it’s a conspiracy, I will jump in。Li Tianchou grabbed the red hair running around,“You calm down,Did the person on the phone only talk about your brother yesterday??Did not mention your sister-in-law?”
“No,Just say my brother。A while before the accident,My brother secretly sent his sister-in-law away,but……”Red hair turned pale,Panicked even more。Why did you neglect sister-in-law??Looking back on the phone call of sister-in-law these days,Also can’t get through,My sister-in-law’s home phone number was passed once,But said he never returned home,So as not to worry about people,He didn’t dare to fight again。
“Call again,Your brother、Your sister-in-law fights。”Li Tianchou urged。
Hong Mao hurriedly called,Prompt to shut down。“Their phone,I actually fight every day,Can’t get through。”
Li Tianchou nodded,Maybe sister-in-law is okay,Maybe I hid it somewhere。Save one person alone,The situation is a little better。He found paper and pen,Wrote down a string of phone numbers,“I’ll go out to check the situation,If there is no news before ten o’clock in the evening,Just call this number,He is a police friend of mine……Just call the police。”
Li Tianchou’s heart is still contradictory,He doesn’t really trust the police,But absolutely trust Xiao Yadong。If you can’t find Wu Tianbao with your own master,,That can only rely on Old Xiao。The number is written just in case,Also to find a reason to stabilize the red hair,This trip is dangerous,Don’t catch him again。
“I’ll go as well,Staying here is going to be crazy。”Red hair staring eyes,Sad expression。
“You know where to find?I’m also fooling around,Don’t join in the fun。We have a division of labor,You wait for the call,I’m trying my luck。”Moment of crisis,Li Tianchou has no time to consider Hong Mao’s emotions,I walked out after speaking。
Try to speed up along the way,Li Tianchou is satisfied with the recovery of his body,Out of the city village,He stopped a taxi casually。Although I don’t have much money in my pocket,,But the taxi can barely。Not long,Li Tianchou came near Wenhua Road,He took out his phone and dialed out,“Hua brother,I’m at Wenhua intersection。”
“Keep going forward at the entrance,About three hundred meters,There is a chess room,I am by the door。”