Una is not a dumb girl,When Xia Jian was talking to Chen Xiaoya,She deliberately walked to the window,Went to see the outside scenery,As if they were talking,Has nothing to do with her at all。


Xia Jian shook his head and said:“how can that be possible?She sleeps upstairs in the side room,It has been like this these days。They may be more open to foreigners,But I am Chinese after all“Xia Jian said very proudly。
“Go! Go! Go,Don’t get cheap and buy good,You men are the same,I forgot everything when I saw a beauty,Don’t pretend to me“Chen Xiaoya said,Hehe laughed。
Everyone just chat for a while,The atmosphere is very harmonious。Chen Xiaoya was also infected by the emotions of these two people,I seem to forget that I am still sick**on。Finally, at the urging of the doctor on duty,Xia Jian and Wona just left the hospital,Before leaving,Chen Xiaoya gave Xia Jian her way。Out of politeness,Xia Jian also left his phone number to Chen Xiaoya。
Out of the hospital,Xia Jian hurriedly took out his phone,just now,Although the phone is muted,But when something comes in,He still knows the slight shock。
Ouyang Hong called when I saw the call,Xia Jian called back without hesitation,It took a while for the phone to get through,Ouyang Hong said in a very low voice on the phone:“Excuse you, Mr. Xia“
“what happened to you,Is it sick?“Xia Jian asked with some concern。
Ouyang Hong took a breath and said:“No,Just a little wronged,I want to say a few words to you,I wonder if I disturbed you“
Ouyang Hong’s politeness,Made Xia Jian feel that she was slightly dissatisfied with herself,So he accompanied and said carefully:“See what you said,What is our relationship,Also disturb not disturb,This is a bit too far off!What happened to you?Speak up!“
Seeing Xia Jian cares so much about herself,Ouyang Hong on the phone couldn’t help but smile and said:“Actually nothing,New Mayor Huang from Pingdu,Like an investment in your startup group,Not very supportive,Especially for our leisure agriculture,Look down on,I do not even know,Can I go on doing it?“
“Humph!You think too much!I know who Huang Ting is,But he is the mayor of Binh Duong,And Pingyang is not his own。Mr. Guo already called me yesterday,I will be back soon,So you don’t have to worry about it“Although Xia Jian was comforting Ouyang Hong,But he was still very unhappy。
I want to start investment in Pingdu,Mayor Lee at the time strongly supported,Gave them a lot of preferential policies,I didn’t expect this Huang Ting not long after coming,Began to restrict all aspects of the development of entrepreneurial groups,Xia Jian faintly felt,It’s not simple。
Ouyang Hong heard Xia Jian tell her,She laughed and said:“Ok!I’ll listen to you,But you should make time to return to Pingyang City!“