Altai: Autumn Charming welcome


Autumn is the most beautiful color of Altai Mountain.

Entered in September, the woods in the Altay area were colorful, and the rivers were clear and green, the sky was blue, which is the best view in the year. All counties (cities) in Altay are also playing beautiful cities, building service facilities, launching boutique line products, etc., welcome visitors from all over the country. Golden autumn in Kanas, colorful, all kinds of rare trees under the rendering of autumn, or red, or yellow, beautiful and eye-catching; Altai City’s birut park is also full of views, with the decrease in temperature, the green green birch is gradually Charming golden yellow; the night in Burqin County Kanastea bridge is full of light, bright … Burjin County launched ten boutique lines, let more hometown people appreciate their hometown scenery, understand The story of hometown; Habaphe County is fully rectified to rectify the tourism market order, focus on improving tourism support services; in order to enhance tourism service level, Qinghe County organized 200 Bed and Breakfast, and the intention of tourism people, travel to Burqin County, Fu Yun County Waiting for the advanced experience of learning the development of the property industry. "Through this observation, everyone exchanges, understand each other, learn from each other, learn from people’s good experience, supplementing our short board, so that we can do better, more solid, leading the vast parents and old folks to increase rich .

"Wang Hongguang, secretary of Talat Village, Akiller Town, said.

(Contributed by the Aletai Land Propaganda Department) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.